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Some words by Rumi

Posted on Aug 27 by

“I am so close, I may look distant. So completely mixed with you, I may look separate. So out in the open, I appear hidden. So silent, because I am constantly talking with...


Gravitational waves exist.

Posted on Jul 30 by

Einstein published a paper in 1916 about Gravitational waves, this means gravity can travel as waves. The discovery is phenomenal as it is going to change how we think about...


Whats it all worth?

Posted on Jul 27 by

What is the goal of Human Race? We believe that we are the echelon race, the most intelligent and most advanced. I beg to differ. As a race our goal should be to evolve and make...


American Independence

Posted on Jul 6 by

Let me start by saying that I am not american. I was born in India and that makes me Indian. So yesterday was 4th July and like everywhere is USA, we had a huge display of...


Where is the world headed to?

Posted on Jul 6 by

Scientific research shows that the average IQ of the planet increases every year.People are getting more informed, learning about new cultures and are not afraid of people who...