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Einstein published a paper in 1916 about Gravitational waves, this means gravity can travel as waves. The discovery is phenomenal as it is going to change how we think about gravity.

Let me explain in a simpler way. You all know gravity it’s the phenomena which makes an apple fall to the Earth’s surface and stops everything from flying out from Earth into Space. Gravity is the reason planets revolve around sun. We still don’t know how is it caused, we just know that mass has something to do gravity.

Now what is meant by gravitational waves? It means a huge event in the universe can release so much energy that is actually contracts & expands everything which comes in its way. So the Earth and everyone actually expands and contracts all the time. This do happens on an extreme minute scale.

The LIGO experiment just discovered the waves. The wave was a result of two black holes colliding some billions of years ago somewhere so far that we have no idea when it happened.

What does this mean?
We still have to find out the speed at which these waves travel. We just found out that this exists, we don’t know much about it. It would be amazing if we could generate these waves. We can use these to create a warp field (much like star trek warp engines) or reduce distances between far away objects or even make a device which can travel using these waves. The phenomena has a lot more energy than anything we have ever seen, if we are able to generate energy from this then we don’t have to worry about energy ever.

The above is all just my speculation of what can we do with such a phenomena.

The most fascinating aspect of the discovery is that it was predicted by Einstein in “1916”, it took us 100 years to make equipment which can discover them. He rectified the paper in 1918 and most of the world’s scientist never believed him. Einstein was right about everything and that is baffling. He predicted something to exist with concrete mathematical proof without ever experiencing or remotely knowing what could cause it. This was before we have seen any black holes, measured the different cosmic events before we ever went into space.

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