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Scientific research shows that the average IQ of the planet increases every year.People are getting more informed, learning about new cultures and are not afraid of people who don’t speak their language or look different or have different religion.

But year 2016 has been proving me wrong so far. With Trump being presidential candidate, ‪#‎brexit‬ and increased reports of racially & religiously targeted attacks, I am not sure which direction is human race heading towards.

Learning from history, all the major wars in the world have been fought over whose “Ideology” is better. I count all religions as “Ideologies”. Any religion is a set of tenets, rules, morals & duties one must perform. I don’t think any religion is better than other. But in my opinion I really revere the simplicity of “Buddhism” religion. In all other religions justified violence or righteous wars are allowed. But in Buddhism any kind of violence or hatred is abhorred. This leaves no space for manipulation of religious texts.

But even then there are “Buddhist monks terrorist” (969 Movement) . So I come to conclusion that it is easy to influence even the most non-violent people to commit heinous crimes.

When we come to think of this, Nazi Germany comes to my mind. I don’t believe everyone in Nazi Germany was evil, that’s not statically possible. But here comes in play the dynamics of crowd mentality. We try to compare every action with how acceptable is it in the society. Try to assume that you are a small soldier in Nazi Germany and are ordered to kill a jew as he is declared an enemy of state. What should you do then ? Will you conscience tell you to kill or not kill him. Remember you are a patriotic soldier and love your country.

Another example I was discussing with someone was about ISIS. I use ISIS and not muslims, not all muslims in the world are evil.

We need to learn that no one wins in a war. I am more baffled with how uninformed the world is about the world!

Please don’t just believe in whatever you hear. Google it, debate over it or simply talk about it. There is nothing more dangerous than half-baked facts.