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Get the answer by Shashank AgarwalGet info about any software around you, just click a pic and get the answer.xlarge (2)

Just point your phone camera at any object and get all the information regarding it.

  • The app uses Image Recognition to categorize  any picture of an object and retrieves information about it from Wolfram Alpha and Used alchemy, wolfram alpha and’s API  in php and python.

Won prizes at “HackIllinois”, UIUC for “Best use of Data” by and “Best Use of Wolfram API” among 125 teams(800 students).

We are using Image Recognition, NLP, machine learning for the analysis.

APIs used: Wolfram Alpha,, CamfindApp (Mashape) & Alchemy API for different analysis of the image.

The app is available for iPhone, Android and any web browser.

The accuracy is around 80% given a controlled environment and clear image of an object.

Test Case Object Images: “White Macbook Pro”, “Silver Edition Red Bull”, “Black Dell cord Mouse”, “Black LG Nexus 5” etc.xlarge (3)