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What is the goal of Human Race?

We believe that we are the echelon race, the most intelligent and most advanced. I beg to differ.

As a race our goal should be to evolve and make our offsprings spread out across the galaxy. We should have centres set up where science is valued more than someone’s big butt and work on making life better for all.

In simple terms work towards the goal on making the world a better place. I can see some people like Musk working hard to achieve this goal.

We also see people in USA hating someone just because they don’t look like him/her. Hating people because they speak a different language. We have forgotten that diversity is the only reason a species survives. A species becomes enough diverse to face any kind of scenarios and some of them survive and rest die. The process results in evolution.

It is just sad when we focus our energy on doing stuff like these that is stopping the human race to grow.